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Heathland/Grassland, Deschampsia flexuosa L. and Calluna vulgaris L.

55.891609° N
11.968459°; E (tower coordinates)
393 m asl (tower)

Site description

The experimental site is situated 50 km NW of Copenhagen, Denmark, on a hilly nutrient-poor sandy deposit. The site was chosen to be an unmanaged low vegetation ecosystem considered to be vulnerable to environmental pressures such as climate change and with a combination of annual and multiyear plant species for studies of plant species interaction and competition. The site is a dry heath/grassland ecosystem (total 17 plant species) and an open moss cover beneath the canopy of vascular plants. The above-ground biomass is approximately 720 g m–2 and the root biomass is similar to 550 g m–2. The yearly mean temperature is 8•0 °C and the yearly mean precipitation is 613 mm (


dry heathland/grassland; Military Reserve Area

Soil & Geology

podsol on sandy moraine


Continuous measurements with 1 minute resolution available at 1 h resolution. Measurements take in one reference station and 48 plots (8 different treatments x 6 repetition). The plots are grouped in 12 octagons, which house 4 of the treatments. Two neighboured octagons for a block.

Measured quantityLocation
Physical properties of the air 
relative humidity1 reference
air temperature1 reference and one in each of the plots (20 cm)
Air motion horizontal (speed and direction)1 reference and one in each of the 12 octagons
Physical properties of the soil 
Soil temperature2 depths (0 and 5 cm) 1 reference and in plots
Soil water content2 depths (20 and 60 cm) in plots
incoming Global radiation1 reference
rain intensity1 reference

Planned treatments within the CARBO-Extreme project

  • Elevated [CO2] to 510 ppm
  • extended summer drought
  • ambient night time warming

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Claus Beier /

Andreas Ibrom

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