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Department of Geographical Network of Field Experiments with Fertilizers, All-Russian Institute of Agrochemistry named after D. Pryanishnikov (VNIIA),Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

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Country: Russia
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Description of the Department

Department of Geographical Network of Field Experiments with Fertilizers is a supervisor of Russian long term field trails (included more than 300 experiments at present) and main experimental databank for fertilizers and FYM application in farming.
Main fields of research:
- Data generalization about fertilizers efficiency, yield sustainability, weather conditions and soil fertility, construction and management monitoring databases of arable lands

- Investigation of interrelationship between climate, biogeochemistry, land use and land management

- Management effects on slowly changing soil properties in LTEs and soil sustainability assessment

- LTEs in better understanding & management of nutrient and C cycles

- Linking LTEs local information with regional databases, incl.GIS

- Estimation of carbon sequestration potential for Russian arable soils based on statistical and dynamic (RothC, CANDY, Soil-Climate-Yield) modeling

Expertise and experience of the Department

The department is responsible for publication of the official catalogue book of on-going long-term experiments and preparation of LTEs certificates issued by Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences. In cooperation with the other agricultural institutes and laboratories of VNIIA the department prepares regular bulletins which generalize field experimentation data in the specific regions or for selected nutrients as well as guidance documents regulating field and analytical research. In the frame of co-coordinating plan of research and development in Geographical Network of Field Experiments the department organizes scientific conferences with publication of proceedings.

Selected reference projects

The department was NIS coordinator in the EC INTAS project “Modeling Agricultural Soil Carbon sinks in the European part of the Former Soviet Union” and EuroSOMNET ENRICH program project (UK, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova). Participated in EU-COPERNICUS project "Low-Input Agriculture and Soil Sustainability in Eastern Europe" and the Royal Society project “Modeling Soil Sustainability in the Arable Ecosystems of Central Russia” as well as in domestic projects supported by the Russian Fund for Fundamental Research.
Contribution for the IPCC Working Group III

Scientific cooperation with

All-Russian Institute of Agricultural Meteorology, Pushchino Biological Center, Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute, All-Russian Institute of Agricultural Problems and Informatics University of Aberdeen, Rothamsted Research, AgroParisTech, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, UFZ Leipzig-Halle, ZALF Muencheberg.

Selected recent relevant publications of the Department

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V. Sychev, L. Shevtsova (eds.) -2010- Effect of long-term fertilization on soil organic matter. M., VNIIA. 352 p. (in Russian).
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