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Fire Research Centre

Organization short name: CIFU
Country: Spain
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Description of the organization

The Fire Research Centre (CIFU in its Spanish acronym) is a research institute of the General Foundation for the Environment of Castilla-la Mancha (FGMA), established in 2009 Its research mission is the comprehensive investigation of the effects of fire on terrestrial ecosystems. The institute combines experimental manipulations and long-term monitoring studies, along with spatial modelling.

Expertise and experience of the organization

Our laboratory is focused towards understanding patterns of land cover change and the interaction between different land covers and the atmosphere. The lab assists in the coordination of the EU-funded FUME project and collaborates in GHG-Europe.

Selected reference projects




Key scientific / technical personnel

Dr. Víctor Resco, Research Scientist, is a broadly trained plant physiological ecologist interested in understanding the flows of energy, matter and information at the biosphere-atmosphere interface.

Responsibilities in CARBO-Extreme

• Data provider for the network of Ecosystem Manipulation Experiments (WP2)

Selected recent relevant publications

Sun W, Resco V, Williams DG, Nocturnal and seasonal patterns of carbon isotope composition of leaf dark-respired CO2 differs among dominant plant functional groups in a semiarid savanna. Oecologia 164: 297-310, 2010 Abstract

Reverter B, Sánchez-Cañete EP, Resco V, Serrano-Ortiz P, Oyonarte C, Kowalski AS, Analyzing the major drivers of NEE in an alpine shrubland. Biogeosciences 7: 2601-2610, 2010 Abstract

Resco V, Hartwell J, Hall A, Ecological implications of plants ability to tell the time. Ecology Letters 12: 583-592, 2009 Abstract

Resco V, Ewers BE, Sun W, Huxman TE, Weltzin JF, Williams DG, Drought-induced hydraulic limitations constrain leaf gas exchange recovery from drought after precipitation pulses in the C3 woody legume, Prosopis velutina. New Phytologist 181: 672-682, 2009 Abstract

Resco V, Ignace DD, Sun W, Huxman TE, Weltzin JF, Williams DG, Chlorophyll fluorescence, predawn water potential and photosynthesis in precipitation pulse-driven ecosystems - implications for ecological studies. Functional Ecology 22: 479-483, 2008 Abstract